Welcome to Tizz So Sweet!

My Story..

Baking has always been a soothing part of my life.  It provides time for me to escape from daily life and create a gift for people to enjoy and hopefully allow them to have a moment of happiness and love while they enjoy my creation.

 There are many fond memories during my childhood of baking being done by my Mom; creating her Christmas pastry boxes and decorating cookies with us kids. During our summer visits to Memphis my Grandma (Jenny) would have a new yellow cake with chocolate frosting on the dinner table every morning when we would wake-up.  Also, my Aunt Margaret would have sweets cooling in the front of the house that we would “sample for quality” during the holidays.  One would say baking is in my DNA. 

With 2020 being the year to remember or forget depending on your perspective, I found myself needing a distraction so I decided and needed to BAKE my way through COVID! 

 So today I introduce Tizz So Sweet! (trademark pending).  The name is derived from part of my last name and the old hymn “Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus” (Isaiah 12:2). 

 My goal is to provide your Grandma’s desserts to you.  I have not met anyone who did not enjoy going to Grandma’s and eating cake, cookies, cupcake or a piece of hard candy from her purse at church.  I know the hard candy is not a fresh baked treat, however you took a moment and thought back to a memory shared with Grandma and she passed the ziplock bag down the pew.

 Thank You to my family for their support as I move through this journey.  To the “focus group” keep up the good work. 

 I hope you enjoy Tizz So Sweet and I look forward to sharing my sweet treats with you.